service level agreements

GEEX Service Level Agreement

GEEX Managed IT Support is able to provide managed IT support to businesses that include IT System Monitoring, IT Infrastructure, Outsourced IT Support, IT Helpdesk, and Employee IT Education. With our careful onboarding and regular Account Management review meetings, we can devise customised, managed IT solutions for each client we work with.

Our managed IT solutions are driven by our commitment to proactive maintenance as well. We monitor your IT systems 24/7, scanning for potential problems. GEEX also values communication and transparency with all of our clients, providing regular updates on your systems and responding to your needs right away.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define how we respond to your issues and requests. They reflect our reliability, efficiency and confidence in the support that we provide. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) essentially represent our promise to deal with your ICT issues and requests within a given time frame. They show that we have an efficient and mature process for providing IT support and that you can have confidence in us. Our SLAs depend on the agreed hours cover and the priority of your issue or request. We can provide bespoke SLAs to suit your needs – extended hours of cover (24x7x365, weekends, public holidays), different speeds of response, priority, or cover for different types of equipment. Just ask!

Our SLA timers also depend on the priority of your issue or request. When you raise a ticket with us, we make an assessment based on the information you have given us. We let you know the priority we have assigned, but are happy to take extenuating circumstances into account, if you think we’ve got it wrong.

Some examples of priorities
Priority 1 – nobody can send or receive emails (everyone is affected, and a major business process is stopped)
Priority 2 – Internet access for the whole company seems slower than usual (everyone is affected, and efficiency is degraded)
Priority 3 – After the web browser has been upgraded for the company some of the shortcuts have disappeared.
Priority 4 – Your computer is slow starting up in the morning, but everybody else is fine (your efficiency is lower but you’re the only person affected)
Priority 5 – Someone is missing the shortcut everyone has to a shared folder, though they can save files to it by manually navigating to the folder (there’s a straightforward workaround, and only one person is affected)

Pricing and Plan

1 monthly fee for all IT services. No costly surprises


Designed for businesses with basic IT requirements
monthly fee
pricing is quoted per user
  • All geexBasic services include:
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Security management
  • Patch management
  • Remote support


Designed for businesses looking to eliminate costly break/fix IT services
monthly fee
pricing is quoted per user
  • All geexPlus services include:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Secure cloud backup
  • Server/Network support


A fully comprehensive plan for any business size or needs.
monthly fee
pricing is quoted per user
  • All geexPro services include:
  • Reporting
  • Vendor management
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO)
  • Workstation support